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1 Behind the city hall, across the street from Korte Minrebroederstraat 9

The gancho of Marjon Reinders

She is proud to have introduced tango in Utrecht. On sunny Thursday evenings a civil servant opens the windows, puts speakers on the windowsill and the dancing starts.

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2 Under the dock, go down around Ganzenmarkt nr. 14

The fairytales of Mahmoud al Massad

Shatter Hassan was the hero of a Middle Eastern fairytale, but in Utrecht he became involved with the underworld and lost everything.

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3 Go left, take the stairs up towards the city hall. Here the Treaty of Utrecht was signed

Semiramis' peace

Once a refugee from Turkey, she’s now creating a painting of the Treaty of Utrecht. It becomes a personal essay on liberty and peace.

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4 The Emperor’s Weapon: the corner of the Boterstraat and the Visschersplein

The Keyzershof

Painter Roelandt Savery lived here and named the house ‘The Emperor’s Weapon’, in reference to his time serving the Habsburg Emperor Rudolf II in Prague.

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5 The Building for Arts and Science, Mariaplaats 27

Paul Bruinen’s Cold Sweat

His father was sent to Indonesia as a young man in the army and refused to talk about it later. Now his son created a composition that expresses his father’s immense fears.

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6 Between nr. 27 and the Conservatorium on number 28, cross the gate: Pandhof St. Marie

The fairytales of Mahmoud Al Massad

The filmmaker is touched by the sad faith of Shatter Hassan: “I gained so much respect for him. The same thing could have happened to anyone, including me.”

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7 Mariaplaats across from nr. 35, entrance next to Conservatorium, down the stairs

The Bloemaert house

In the 17th century Utrecht was the leading city for the art of painting. His students lived behind the house of the painter and even Rubens was a visitor here

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8 The Strosteeg, across the street from nr. 47

In Praise of Ceramics

Four artists created a ceramic mural on the place where poet Ingmar Heytze’s grandfather used to work as a designer.

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9 Downstairs on the Oude Gracht at nr. 205

Utrera del Norte

Utrera, a small town near Seville, is the birthplace of flamenco. Because of it’s numerous fans of the dance, Utrecht was nicknamed ‘Utrera del Norte’.

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10 Oude Gracht 313

The anger of Joop Moesman

He was a famous abroad for his surrealism, but here his paintings would be banned from exhibitions. Yet, the obstacles only made him more determined.

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11 Twijnstraat 26 bis

The princess of Jan Jacob Slauerhoff

He wrote: “Only in my poems can I make my home. I have found shelter in no other form.” It set the tone for his entire oeuvre.

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12 The Louis Hartlooper Complex on the Ledig Erf

The Movie Cannister of Jos Stelling

When he was still a young boy, he once passed by the police station and the cops made him write lines of punishments. “You wait,” he told them, “when I grow up I will own this place.”

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13 Central Museum, on the corner of the Nicolaaskerkhof next to the church

The Perspective of Robbie Cornelissen

The worlds he creates are as elusive as they are familiar. Like they were always there but only became visible now as a result of his drawings.

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14 Old entrance of the Central Museum, across the Dick Bruna House

The calling of Frans Franciscus

This museum inspired him as a young boy. Now he turns old masters into terrorist scouts, blind prostitutes and girlfriends as crusaders.

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15 Entrance Dick Bruna House, Agnietenstraat 2

Lines of Imagination

With seemingly simple lines, Dick Bruna’s books not only enchant children of all ages, but also a new generation of designers world-wide.

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16 Corner of Nieuwe Gracht and Tolsteegsingel

The strolls of C.C.S. Crone

No one ever described the old Utrecht of the thirties so clearly and touching as this writer, according to insiders like illustrator Peter Vos.

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17 Servaasbolwerk 18-33, where used to be a bunker

The travels of Ingmar Heytze

The poet tries to enlarge his habitat, but sometimes his poetic vision and the harshness of reality don’t combine.

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18 Enter the Bruntenhof, the entrance is next to Schalkwijkstraat 30

The strolls of C.C.S. Crone

The writer made little notes about everything he observed. Later he would use them for his stories, like ‘Music over the water’ and ‘The festive life’.

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19 Oude Kamp 1

The ruins of Utrecht

Dirkje Kuik had a love-hate relationship with her hometown. Even the part of the Dom church that remained after a big storm became a ruin in her hands.

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20 Kromme Nieuwegracht 80

The bended lines of Sybold van Revesteyn

Almost everything he designed was destroyed later, but this city palace remains an example of his characteristic clear forms, curved lines and sober but striking decorations.

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21 Corner of the Trans and the Lange Nieuwstraat: the view on the Dom Tower

The statues of Elselien van der Graaf

During her studies, art had to be politically engaged. This engagement still shines through in her work today, like the statue of Lady Justice.

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22 Academiegebouw, Domplein 29

The genius simplicity of Gerrit Rietveld

He loved to experiment, that’s why he created the famous Rietveld-Schröderhouse. When the municipality decided to build a highway next to it, he wanted to brake down the house.

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23 The Dom Tower

The anger of Joop Moesman

He hated the city so he fled to the countryside. On one of his last paintings you can see the Dom Tower sinking in the sea.

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24 The Dom Church

The consolation of Gijs Hendriks

This famous composer and jazz musician is always looking for new creations. In the Dom Church he works on he new composition with organist Berry van Berkum.

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