The Bloemaert house

Mariaplaats across from nr. 35, entrance next to Conservatorium, down the stairs

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The Bloemaert house

Abraham Bloemaert, An influential Master

Being ‘the father of the Utrecht painters school’, Bloemaert was responsible for the education of various painters in the city. His artwork shows a great diversity in themes and sizes, but also in style. His earlier work is clearly manneristic, a style that emerged in Italy. Its characteristic is the portraying of extremely idealised nature, with figures in exaggerated proportions.

Het huis van Bloemaert

Students of Abraham Bloemaert travelled to Italy and got inspired by the revolutionary art of Caravaggio. They influenced their mentor with this new style. Some paintings by Bloemaert are distinctive in their contrasts between dark and light, typical for Caravaggio. Later on, Bloemaert became more of a classicist. ‘The flute player’ is one of Bloemaert’s most famous paintings. The theme is classical caravaggism, but the implementation is manneristic.

Het huis van Bloemaert2

The Central Museum exhibits a portrait of Bloemaert by Paulus Moreelse and some of Bloemaerts paintings, like ‘the flute player’. Gilde Utrecht offers cultural tours around the city, like the Bloemaert tour with Joke Keijmel as guide.

More info: Centraalmuseum.nl and gildeutrecht.nl

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