Utrecht verbeeld als ruine

Oude Kamp 1

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Utrecht verbeeld als ruine

Dirkje was born as William Diederich Kuik en had a love-hate relationship with
Utrecht. In 1977 Kuik started to call herself ‘Dirkje’ and two years later, she had
her genger changing surgery in a London hospital to start her life as a woman.
She wrote extensively about her surgery and life as a genderdiaspora-patient,
like she called it herself, in for example ‘Housekeeping Book with Raisins’ (1984).


In 1960, Kuik, artist Joop Moesman and Henc van Maarseveen started the
graphic collective ‘De Luis’. Besides being a writer and poet, she was a graphic
designer and illustrator who focused on city images, figures and portraits. Her
work attributed greatly to the Dutch neo-romantic movement. Her ‘Utrecht
Notes’ (1969) received the Proze Prize from the municipality of Amsterdam.
Her illustrated feuilleton ‘The Billiards Hero’ from 1974 was rewarded with the
Vijverberg Prize.

In 2008, her former home at the Oudekamp 1 in Utrecht became a museum on
her work.